We are very glad that you are visiting the homepage of Tartu Culture Cup 2023! Our staff is already preparing for hosting all the great teams in August and our tournament manager Rain Näkk took some time to answer a few questions about Culture Cup 2023! Have fun reading and don’t forget to register your team. See you in August in Tartu!

What is Tartu Culture Cup?

Tartu Culture Cup is an international youth football tournament. What differs it from other similar tournaments is the fact that we are not only focused on what is happening on the football field, but there are also a lot of activities for everybody outside the football pitch.

The first Tartu Culture Cup was held in 2022. How difficult was to organize it and how satisfied were you with the final outcome?

For us, Tartu Culture Cup 2022 was the first tournament where we had almost 60 teams to accommodate, cater, transport etc. So, the task for me and the rest of the managing team was to make everybody’s stay here as convenient as possible – that goes for both on and off the football field. Unfortunately the first day of the tournament was one of the rainiest days of our summer, so we had to cancel the big parade but I believe that all in all we managed to provide everybody a great experience and atmosphere. The culmination of the tournament was also remarkable because on the last day the finals were played on Tamme stadium’s main arena and there were a lot of spectators which even surpassed the average number of spectators in Estonia’s highest football league!

What are the expectations for Tartu Culture Cup 2023?

For Tartu Culture Cup 2023 we are hoping to host almost 120 teams both from Estonia and foreign countries as well. That of course means that we need to step up with our organizing activities and provide even better experiences for our guests. As mentioned earlier, we offer a programme not only for playing football but also to enjoy other activities such as disco and different attractions in Tartu. We have also taking into account the fact that there will be parents and coaches travelling with the teams and for them it is possible to visit Tartuff movie festival and local food and wine festival that will both be taking place at the same time as Tartu Culture Cup 2023. So there are a lot of fun things for everybody and we are hoping to see you in August 2023!